About Djmann1013BLOGZ

Welcome to djmann1013blogz.wordpress.com! This is a fan website by Djmann1013 on ROBLOX.


I joined ROBLOX in late 2008 by searching for online games on google because I had nothing to do. When I googled “Free Online Building Game”, I found ROBLOX and clicked on the link. It looked really cool. So I joined ROBLOX and asked my mom if I can download it. Of course, my mom called my dad and asked him to check it out. My dad said it was ok. But my mom had concerns that her computer would get infected. I went to my dads house and he let me download it. It was pretty fun. I remember stepping into a game called WPBC destroy 3 buildings with noobs in them*update by weee and it was on the front page at the time. The game was fun, so I kept playing it and playing it. This game was at the top of the Games page. It had only 120 people in it. I thought my Djmann101 account got hacked, so I moved on to a new(er) account called Djmann1013, which I created in 17 April 2009. I created Djmann101 in 30 November 2008. I later (in 2010) got access to my Djmann101 account. (I found out I typed the code wrong…) In 2011, I was on the ROBLOX iPhone app wanting something to do. I was creating a lot of useless accounts. I was mainly doing name sniping (getting really awesome names) at 10 PM. I was thinking of a name called “ScriptTesterBuilder” and that name stopped me. I actually wanted that name, so I filled out the info. I got on the account later in the morning at like (5 AM, no kidding) and got to work on it. I was looking in the games section searching for uncopylocked games. I later found games that were useless (less important games) and I came across a copied version of R.U.N. by HerOz. I quickly navigated to the page. It was uncopylocked. I opened up ROBLOX Studio, went to the page, and opened it in studio mode. At the time of this, HerOz was banned for some odd reason with JV4’s (jaredvaldez4) copied game on the front page. HerOz later got unbanned and jaredvaldez4 got banned. I uploaded the copied version of HerOz‘s game to ScriptTesterBuilder‘s account. In the description I put “R.I.P. HerOz“. I later took it down and put up a game I made called “Disaster Wave“. I had help from many people, including cowbear16.

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