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Place Review: DODGEBALL! By Alexnewtron

17 Mar

Hello, I am going to review a game by Alexnewtron called:


This is one cool game. I feel like it should be on the front page right now. It has gone a long way since the beginning of the game.

The Welcome Screen
I first saw that there is a new welcome screen:

The welcome screen is a very cool feature. It allows you to press play instead of going right into the game and dying. The welcome screen is animated and views the current players as it moves across the map, viewing people “pwn” each other. A great feature is when you press “Start Playing”, you automatically spawn into the action. I give this feature 10/10 and 9/10 in scripting. Requests: In the game, maybe the creator can add a little animation in the welcome screen that shows a person throwing a dodge ball at a person and says “Alex Games” when the other person falls over. That would be a great plus.

The New Killer GUI

The new killer GUI shows a pop-up GUI that has the player’s ROBLOX avatar, and says next to it: “You were pwned by *Player Name*” Here is an example:

The Killer GUI is a really good feature. It shows an avatar picture of the ROBLOX player, and it fades the screen. The GUI is very fast, compared to other GUI’s like this wait too long. This GUI is very special, though. This GUI was made by hand of course, and slides really smoothly and acts really fastĀ  (I mean like, when you get hit, you see the GUI before your character falls in to jenga blocks) and smooth for fast or slow computers. Requests: Make it so that the player that got hit with the ball see the player that hit them with the ball, and then go to the welcome screen.
The Points System

The points system is really good. It gives you load of points every time you hit a person. Here’s an example:

The Points System is the leaderboard in the top right where the characters names are under where it says “Points”. The points system gives you 23 pts for every time you kill someone. I said that because if you do the math, if you kill six people and get twenty-three points each time that would result in 138 points. I know, numbers add up fast. But what are you going to spend it on? That’s the question. There is not GUI button for the shop like there used to be. That will be the requests for this part: Requests: Make a point where everyone has a chance to buy a dodge ball from a GUI shop so that you don’t have to use the standard dodge balls. Each one has a power up, like, more damage or more points for the person who threw it.

This game gets a 10/10 for scripting and 8/10 for game play.